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What is this about?

Hi everyone! and welcome to this which is my portfolio and personal website about Web Development. Here you'll find almost all my projects, skills, experience, contact means and so on. This also work like some kind of nexus between all the things that I'm currently working on and what I intend to do upon the future.

If you want to be aware of my work or get a touch with me, you are in a good starting point.

Who am I?

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My name is Luis Portillo, fullstack web developer freelancer since 2020. I currently reside in Venezuela.

I started coding just by curiosity in 2019, then it becomes a hobby and then finally I realized that I will really enjoy working with this. Spoiler alert: It was true.

Since then I was constantly learning on the self-taught way, investing almost all my time, day after day... following what just turned into my passion.

Even though this is, in fact, a matter of bussineses. I always wanted to make great things with all of this, not only for the people but for myself, trying to become a better developer and a better person.

What I do?

As a fullstack web developer, I build, maintain and deploy websites, web applications, REST APIs and more (just like this one). I specialize in the server side (backend), where I have more experience and feel more comfortable in general. My main tech stack is MERN/PERN with TypeScript.

What's next?

This is only the beginning of my adventures as a freelance developer but I face it with great enthusiasm for the present and future of this project.

There will be many changes to this website, updates, improvements and new content over time and it would be great if you keep an eye on them.

Through the following navigation you will be able to explore the different sections in a coherent order:

Btw, thanks for reading in advance! ♡